Saturday, 21 June 2008

Kite purchase and a Van tour!

I bought a kite! very excited... went for the Flexifoil over the Best kite, apparently there isn't much between them, and I have flown and enjoyed the Flexifoil...So I now own a Rasta Atom 08!

The van is pretty much finished... its quite crazy how much there is to do before we go and how many things you have to think of to take!

So, here is the most recent pictures of the van interior to give those of you who haven't had the tour an idea of what it is like inside!
So this is the side sliding door and on your left there is the worktop with 2 ring gas cooker, shelf and removable panel for tool storage. Then next to that we have 2 cupboards, one is a blackboard (! exciting!) and the other wallpaper, varnished...
Next we have the pull out table which stows away to a panel like the one next to it. next to that is the fold out seat and above that the bed (on the far right) And of course, carpet for that homely touch!

All built by Joe, and Rob and Jeff are very kindly doing a lighting system and battery mounting system, I did the 'interior design', as I like to call it, or 'decorating' (with Joe's help of course!).

All in all very exciting... This is the back, as you can see, we can store 5 windsurf boards, 2 surf boards, 2 kite boards, 2 kites, sails etc etc etc and the new addition, 2 (only partly dismantled) bikes!

The foam in the top left won't be there, we are trying to tip it, if anyone wants it shout!

Over and out for now... off next monday...


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Gmum said...

Brill van design! Would love one but not sure c blackboard - IWBs more the thing - now there's a challenge! 5 windsurfboards??
Have fun
Lots Love
Gmum x