Saturday, 11 October 2008

now we're home...

Now we're home and have been for a couple of weeks I have realised the lack of last week bloging for the trip. My memory has turned to jelly after three months away, not too good now back at work... but from what I can remember...

20 September
Went for an amazing 30k cycle around the island, great cycle tracks and lovely weather even though we were back in France. Left that evening heading towards Poitiers.

21 September
Went to Futoroscope today! A random break in our driving days, fantastic day out, watched a great show at the end with misty fountains and lights, and had a lot of fun.

22 September
Driving day, but stopped for lunch in a great place at 4 where we ended up staying the night, there was a wallnut tree! and some goats and some brits.

23 September
Drove to Calais and it rained a lot, vent leaked a bit! Slept at Calais

24 September
Got on the Ferry at 7 and got back to Cambridge about 4. My mum (Lou) didn't know we were coming back (it was her birthday and we decided to surprise her!) We turned up at a restaurant in Newmarket and then my dad brought my mum in and she was over the moon. Great end to our trip

11 October
It is VERY odd being back in the UK. Our house is great though and it is great to see friends and family. roll on next summer!

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