Thursday, 25 September 2008

homeward bound

17th September
Dropped Jeff of (hopefully the right airport), after driving around the airport a few times looking for a place to stop, we then started our journey home, with lax plans we drove for some amount of time then decided where to go, in the end we decided to press on to our beach we visited on the way across (Spain- Oyanere) in hope of either wind or waves the next day. When we arrived a few British surfers were out but no waves to speak of really.

18th September

Headed across the rest of Spain after waking up to mirror flat half foot waves the next morning. Spain is very pretty in the north- all green and hilly, not like the hot barrenness of the south that every one goes on holiday to. Stayed in a really nice Aire just in France, next to a lake and had Tangine and a box of wine, have decided to go to Ile D' Oleron, as we missed it on the way down and mum Crabb has just flown there with Ron and said it was very nice.

19th September (Joe)
First rain test on the new vent- seemed to cope well, a bit noisy, but been so long since it last rained can't remember what the old vent and van in rain used to sound like. As we speak Lou is driving the stretch from Bayonne on Bordeaux, for anyone that hasn't done it, its a 2 hours stretch of dual carriageway with nothing but trees either side forever! Considering building a vent rain house so you can have vent open but not get rained on. France is expensive! E1.40 Litre!
(Lou) Got to Isle and parked up. Joe was very upset that you couldn't drive right up to the beach because of height barriers. So we walked (very taxing, a whole 1.4Km). Beach pretty, had a small wander and then took some very windy tracks over to the NE of the Isle, to Boulassiers. Found a free 'Camping car' parking place (lightened Joe's height barrier anger a little) with toilet and water too! Biked to town (about 2 shops and some restaurants!) and had a drink in a crazy bar then a very nice meal in a restaurant. We're def back in France, twice the price of portugal meal!

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