Friday, 5 September 2008

spain and back to portugal

1st September (Joe)
Headed to garage, parked on the steep hill outside. Mechanic asked if we lived in our van, and then he let us go and park on a flat bit before he took our alternator out to poke. aAfter some poking he said need a new one, and can get one by tomorrow. Asked around a few garages and found one cheaper but can't get the part till day after so we decided to opt for man with plan 1. Seb, Chris and Will were really good checking up on us at regular intervals and being our taxi. They gave us a lift to Maternal where the boys went windsurfing and we sat in the bar spending our 4 euros wisely on beer. Then to Tonel where we stayed before, but this time with a tent. After a BBQ we retired to our tent, which is more spacious than out van bed but defiantly more cobbly, and as we found later, warmer in the mornings!

2nd September (Joe)
After a wander, the boys went for a surf in Tonel then went surf shop shopping then got a lift back to our van, where part had been fitted but battery was still being charged, we stopped for lunch a Jam, juggle and skate. Then Will rocked up () and we decided to head to Foz do Arehlo. After a long drive and getting lost twice, once down a crazy lane and once at a roundabout that had N1 signed down 3 of the 4 choices. We arrived, ate some tea and retired for the evening.

3rd September (Joe)
Woke up, headed to Foz beach for a surf with Seb and Chris. I was too rubbish to paddle out past the massive shore dump, but where the boys returned I was reassured to hear they only got a wave each too. Lou had a epic body board even though she snapped it in half on her first wave. We headed back to lagoon for lunch and a game of bowls in which we had to tie up a owner-less Labrador to stop it eating our balls. We had the first windsurf where Lou stayed out longer than me, harnessing and planing I quote . Foot straps and beach starts next! I got cold and went for another unsuccessful fish with my modified mark 3 with a real reel. Improved my casting a lot (now I have to wind for almost twice as much before I can see there is nothing in the end). The boys said their goodbyes and are heading to north France where there is wind but only 15 degrees! It rained on our way to the shop where we bough fish fingers peas and mash. After a feast and a shave I left the remaining fish fingers under the van in a Tupperware box in the cool for breakfast.

4th September (Joe & Lou)
The box was Gone!! After a look in the bushes I found the box with a big hole in the bottom and my fish fingers missing!!!
Went for a very light wind windsurf (maybe 8 knots at the best!) but all good practice! I had a go on Joe's board (103 ltr) and I went along and even managed a tack! Windsurfed across to the other side of the lagoon which was fun. Discovered they have showers in the windsurf centre next to our lay-by! First hot shower since 17th July!!!

5th September (Lou)
Really windy, I rigged up a 3.5 and Joe was on a 4.5. I came in after 6 runs after deciding I wasn't having much fun (although I was in harness and plained too...) Joe did something similar, and then we had a long nap and then woke up and it was chucking it down with rain! How dare it rain! So supermarket and a very naughty McDonalds... lightened the mood a little. Now stealing internet from a roadside location... Joe drove until we picked up a signal! Location not disclosed...

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