Sunday, 31 August 2008


25th August Ctd...
Stayed in Tarifa and went out for some food, and then both suffered from really poorly tummies...not ideal in the van with no toilet, won't go into too much detail...

26th August
Joe felt quite a lot better when he got up, and after sending him to the pharmacy to get me some drugs I started to feel a little more like it and we decided to head to Gibraltar. Absolutely insane! Drove in (after long queue, we were advised to cycle but both felt too rough) and were greeted by red telephone boxes, British traffic lights, but unfortunately they do still drive on the right. Found a place to park (just like the UK, clamping signs everywhere!) and then headed of to find the monkeys! Went via a few shops and met some really nice shop keepers in the 'local corner shop' , they have really insane old school London accents, almost expected them to say 'alright guv'... Walked up the hill a bit and found the cable car up to the top of the rock to see the monkeys, which were amazing, comic moment was when it tried to rummage around a girl's bag for food. Headed into town for a wander round and Joe had a pie and roast potatoes in a proper English pub. Gutted, I looked on with my sore tummy and an orange juice...Headed to Las Dunas in the evening to find Will, Eve and Eric, Steve and Yens, Seb and Chris and Kia the amazing blonde German Shepherd! Poor Seb and Chris had had a properly bad day of it with the '35 minute' ferry from Morocco and a slight altercation with a Moroccan car and their bonnet...

27th August
Headed to Bologne for the boys to have a windsurf, everyone was there!

28th August
Headed to Caunos de Meca for a windsurf, Joe had a good old wave session, and I had a good relax on the beach with no sand pelting which is pretty refreshing. Glen came too!

29th August
Epic windsurfing session, went to Bologne (bolognaise) and it was about 27 knots and I went for it and had a windsurf on the 3.5. Amazing! (managed to come out and back a few times!) All headed out in Tarifa in the evening after a warm up session by the vans with some drinking games. Got Seb good with a game of Black and White...

30th August
Woke up a bit groggy, but had some breakfast and headed to Las Dunas. Went out for a windsurf, which was fantastic and a bit traumatic all in one. The task- Harness. First time success! I was very chuffed, so much so I got a bit over excited and did quite a lot of cross wind sailing and ended up a mile away from where I started...Joe had to sail up and then come and get me in the van!

31st August
Drove down to Sagres today, rather interesting van troubles on the way, the battery isn't charging and we have to get a jump start every time now, luckily we're with Will, Chris and Seb so they are kindly helping us out. Garage tomorrow.

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