Monday, 25 August 2008

end of Morrocco

24th August (Joe)
Woke up early ish for our drive, was going well, omitting the accidental detour to Marrakesh. After some hours of driving we had a slight van hiccup, the battery only charges when the engine is running at high revs, after some poking and wire bristling and tightening to no avail, we continued to get lost off the toll road to soon end up in the dark and running low of fuel, with unlit donkeys, cyclists and lorries in the middle of road. Things weren't ideal, after a large amount of detouring including a tour of Tanger, we asked a police man who said we had to follow signs to port med down a toll road, at then end the road appeared to end next to a massive fence with cranes and containers in; however there was a pot holey track over the brow of the hill that turned in to a very “coast” road to evidentially arrive at the boarder at about 1am, the boarder crossing is much emptier at night but still confusing and tout related. We parked near the port in ceuta to get a ferry tomorrow.

25th August
Woke up and poked van some more, still no good, got ferry back to main land Spain, went for a shop then headed to Tarifa for a some food, might head to gibralta tomorrow!

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