Monday, 11 August 2008

Week 2 cnt

8th July (Lou)
4.30am brought a storm and a quick van re-location by Joe while Lou balanced herself and the half done washing up in the back! insanely windy crazy freak storm, it seemed parking right on the harbour wall does provide good views but also some crazy weather! Today brought a day of what Joe likes to call 'towns' and I like to call 'culture'. Started off finding the Aquarium which was pretty amazing... I liked the flat fish best, and Joe seemed pretty keen on the cuttlefish, although he seemed a little miffed that there was 'only one' and it 'didn't change colour' (we did watch it for a good 10 mins just to check though) Minus the hundreds of small children the experience was pretty pleasant. It wasn't till we got out and back that we realised it was open till 11pm so a night time visit probably would be more recommended to anyone thinking of going! Headed into La Rochelle after the fish for an amble. Came accross some crepes and a lady with 5 dogs, 2 cats, 3 mice and a very small bike. Unfortunately the best thing we saw was a dog walk on its front legs and the bike was blatantly a luring tactic so we made our way onto better things. Went for a cycle around 'our' end of town (the free bit) where there was a youth sailing and windsurf event going on. The evening brought crabbing (unsuccessful I hasten to add) Beers, a cycle to town and a cycle home again with a take away crepe.

9th July (Lou)
Into the forest we go... Long road with beach is how I would describe this place. The windsurf book went slightly OTT in its description of having to trek through thick pine forest to get to the beach... there were paths.... and naturists it seems! Made an AMAZING windsurf bike-surfboard-carrying-towing contraption out of the mountain board and rope (Jeff/Rob, this definately needs modifying...we will have talks...) First time surf for Joe... first wave...what a surprise he gets on his feet. Lou (green with envy) retires with her bodyboard... The evening brought excitement in the shape of my new kite having its first (very light wind) fly!
Without realising the time it was 11pm when we had packed up on beach. Ate cheese and crunchy bread, then had a night of insanely itchy feet and odd dreams where I kept talking in my sleep (apparently...)

10th July (Lou)
Went down to the beach in the afternoon
Surfed a bit
Surfed a bit more
Decided to move on, went to amazing farm place with goats and nice restaurant. Very sleepy pleasant wine region near Bordeaux. Crazily enough EVERYONE Dutch! If we didn't know better we wouldn't have thought we were in France.

11th July (Lou)
Joe's birthday!
Had present opening session in the morning then went to see the goats. Wine region pretty cool.
Headed down to a place we called 'horny', I think the French call 'Homy' place, promised good surf and nice beach. Neither great so headed to what we called 'gerald', I think the French call 'Gerald'. Still not that hot and got pretty hot under the collar too as there was nowhere to park the van. So found a abandoned circus ground to live in and went for drinks.

12th July (Lou)
Awoken by the circus coming to town! Moved and then the whole place got jammed up by circus folk (one with a lorry with 4 bendy bits parked all the way round the roundabout. so decided to head for nicer surf and better times. Went down the road and went for a walk on the next beach found a empty bit of beach but rained lots and long way to carry things, Saw miniature ponies. Then we saw a camel and a byson and a yak and a llama and 2 tigers and 3 minature goats. By the road side. Grazing. Not the tigers though. They were in a cage. Next beach Joe had a surf, looked pretty scary. Later we found a lake and had a swim. Stayed in a quiet camp site.

Never go for anything over 2 stars. They suck! They are busy and feature clowns and swimming pools and flags. Eugh.

13th July (Joe)
Headed in to Beritz for lunch, have never seen so many people walking around with surf boards! We then headed around the coast to a beach that was full of people so ate lunch next to a crazy train station/ camper van park. After lunch we appeared in Spain, after driving down the toll road we headed off the track down some windy lanes testing the van and storage layout. After driving by a beach/ parking place that we said “we should have stayed there!” we were turned round by the police along with everyone else due to some reason, so decided to head back to our beach spot. With a crazy trailer biker bar thing. . .

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