Monday, 11 August 2008

week 6

5th August
Sat around waiting for the wind to kick in, lived in Guincho's car park. As day went on it looked promising with wind and waves increasing, so rigged up 4m sail and 67ltr board and headed to the beach. Wind never really filled in and with almost dead on shore and there were big waves, so joined the rest of the windsurfers either sat on the beach or failing to get out past the white water. Once again living in car park.

6th August
Red flag day on the beach, so I (Joe) woke up and went for a surf, am getting better but couldn't get out back today, massive rips and the waves were quite big. after a fin to the stomach I decided to call it a day. Found out that we had been charged extortionate amounts of money living in the car park over night and headed south to get a ferry from Setubal to Troia. Was greeted with a whole town being built at once and our exhaust repair failed, but a safety line saved the day! After deciding that the peninsula was pretty but too confusing to do anything with, and a swim for Lou, we headed on to see really big birds on posts (stalks Lou says) then continued to get lost to try and find a campsite but found a cool surf/skimboard beach in an army base area (south of Fountainhas) with other camper vans and our first Brits, that are skaters heading the other way round Europe.

7th August (Lou)
Had a good old chat and hang out with Max and Laura (our Brits!) and we swapped tales, van chat and places to go. Headed to the beach for a crazy wave swim, really big strong waves! Joe went for a surf, and we then headed down to Troja after a stop at Lidl! Joe had really good wave windsurf and I had a good van tidy. Aiming to get to Tarifa for Sunday and met Karen and her crew and then head on to Morocco from there next week!

8th August
Went to a great lagoon place, didn't windsurf but went for an amazing meal which was 25euros for 3 courses and wine, total!!

9th August
Stayed in Cadiz- rubbish because we were on a quiet riad...but then there was a nightclub at the bottom! Went fishing again and lost Joe's hooks...oops.

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