Saturday, 23 August 2008

Week 8 continued

20th August
Headed to get the van fixed, which in England would involve new parts, lots of man hours and much money, where as here, the man got out his welder and off he went! Met Glen, who had been in the garage (living in his van) for 5 days, his alternator/battery were on the blink and the man was trying to charge him too much money. Chatted to Glen for a while and drank calming tea and then headed back to Moulay in the evening.

21st August
Glen arrived in Moulay with a fixed van! The boys went windsurfing (Joe on his 3.5m sail and 67ltr board) I had to beat off the children with sticks from climbing all in the van. I went and drank tea with Arbie, a guy we met there who lives in a cool crazy house thing in the village. Ate at Arbie's place, he cooked a massive Tagine for us. His restaurant/room/lounge was cool, pretty Moroccan!

22nd August
The boys went out windsurfing again after Glen had been kiting in the AM and broke his board. I got chatting to a really nice girl from the Netherlands (Hilda) and her boyfriend (Harem). Went to the little tiny shop and got some things to make us all a veggie curry in the evening. The puppies returned to us today! They look happy and healthier (no ticks!)

23rd August
Headed to Essouara to do some town-related shopping! Going to leave early tomorrow morning and do our Morocco driving day and then get a Ferry on Monday.

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