Monday, 11 August 2008

Week 4

Week 4
21st July (Lou & Joe)
Long drive getting very lost down lanes at one point ending up in a quarry...arrived at San Xorxe found a cool van car park with fellow windsurfers, all hidden by no entry signs. Cross off shore wind (5m weather) with 2-3m waves. Wicked windsurf but due to poor screwdriver choice, I lost a fin. Lou was a beach bum most of the day! Found that Lou's kite bar is faulty as the bar safety release releases itself. “Poo willybum”

22nd July (Joe)
Not much wind today but similar swell size, a few surfing sessions. I can now stand up and steer through small angles but had to give up, as the shore break (beach waves) was to big to get through.

23rd July (Joe)
Left for Lexe, a little town with a nice bay, noticed a large amount of smoke in the hills, there was a forest fire, the sea fire planes were choosing our bay to fill up with water in, very cool. We didn't have any food so decided to eat out so went to a bar at 5 and found out that they don't start doing food until 9! After a few hours had very nice tapas.

24th July (Joe)
Headed to Traba, just down the road from Lexe but a big wave venue in the book; “regulary gets mast high”. We arrived at the same time as a French guy who was also in Xorxe. It was goodish waves but light very off shore wind. Good windsurf though, my wave sailing is improving, still out of food we went blackberry picking and Lou made crumble and custard for pudding in the evening.

25th July (Joe)
Had another windsurf in Traba, this time in a large amount of rain. We sat under French man's sail for a bit whilst biggest storm hit and Lou was on the beach in her rather wet clothes. Then headed to Cee for a stock up. The shops were shut for a festival thing so ate out and some lady knocked Lou's drink over our food and ran away which was a bit rude! We consoled ourselves by heading to a cool place for waffles and ice cream!

26th July (Joe)
Woken by sprinklers at 3.30am and Lou stayed up from then onwards as she felt poorly. Went to find beach with no name but decided not much good for windsurfing, so then ended up going to a light house that millions of people were walking up a big hill to see (it wasn't very good). Then had lunch and a hair wash at a natural spring, by a big docked fire boat. Stayed by another lighthouse and had a BBQ. Saw a good glow worm but it wasn't very photogenic.

27th July (Joe)
Headed down to a cool beach near Portosin, ending up in a carnival at one point, had a land windsurf session, then went for a “real windsurf” but was not very good gust off shore and too sketchy for Lou.

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